Meet Our Staff

Meet the talented Kokomo-Howard County Public Library staff!


Faith Brautigam

I love coming to work because I think public libraries are amazingly wonderful places. When I have down time one of the things I enjoy doing is puttering in the kitchen, although I usually find making unhealthy foods to be more fun than making healthy ones. I also get excited about small things like learning a new fact or spending time with family and friends. While I’m at work, I try to be congenial but if you want to see my competitive streak just watch basketball with me during March Madness.




Heather D.

I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, but have worked at the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library since – well, a long, long time ago. I think it’s wonderful that I was hired at KHCPL the same year as another Kansas City area native, but was traumatized when I learned that Sue is from the Kansas side! My favorite poem is about the character Clark in One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss (look it up!) I grew up singing while doing household chores, so you might catch me singing an aria or some silly song while I work, though I try to stifle that urge in the name of professionalism. I love to read all kinds of books, especially paperback romances, mysteries, and, dare I admit, books about werewolves.






Lori D.

I’m a lifelong Hoosier, but 100 percent Boilermaker, having graduated from Purdue in 2005. Boiler up! I’m the Head of Financial and Administrative Services at KHCPL, which is a perfect fit for me, considering I decided when I was in the sixth grade that I wanted to be an accountant. I grew up on a farm full of animals and showed my horses, dogs, goats, and pigs in 4-H for 10 years. In my free time, I love being with my friends, human and canine, especially my dogs Connor and Lilly - and the newest addition, Zinny!







Joe R.

Joe is a born and raised Kokomoian, who has spent a reported 42.9 percent of his life inside the walls of a library ... and that was before he even began employment at KHCPL! Although aggressively unfancy, Joe enjoys the finer things in life: music, films, and books of all kinds. His eyes are currently glued to the pages of 2014's Howard County Reads selection, Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline, which can be found upstairs in the Adult & Teen Department.  Don't hesitate to visit Joe at the Reference desk to test his knowledge of pop culture, listen to his spectacular vernacular, and satisfy all of your information-seeking needs!






Justin K.

I am originally from Flora, Indiana, but currently live in the area. I received my undergraduate degree from Indiana University—Bloomington in Comparative Literature and Germanic Studies (which is really fancy for “not many career options.”) I’ve worked for KHCPL for 5 years now but only as a librarian since 2012. I like strange things: strange books, strange music, and strange movies. Come visit me at KHCPL Main and we’ll see who has seen the weirdest movie (spoiler alert: I’m going to win.)




Marsha S.

Marsha S.I am a born and bred Hoosier and an eclectic reader. For many years I have enjoyed camping, hiking and canoeing with my family in Indiana’s beautiful state parks.  I enjoy taking leisurely bike rides in town or country, and one of my favorite ways to relax is to lounge on my deck with a good book, while sipping a glass of wine or cup of tea.








Stephanie P.


Hello! My name is Stephanie. I have loved the library since I was very little and loved getting my books wrapped in cellophane. Does anyone remember that? I always looked forward to going to the library. I enjoy going to work every day here. I am currently in school studying library sciences. I love to read, if that isn’t obvious. My favorite genres are historical fiction, mystery, fantasy and sci-fi. Some of my favorite books are The Outsiders, The Screwtape Letters, Mere Christianity, and the Harry Potter series. I like spending time with my family and fur kidlings. I am a PBS & BBC America geek, and I love Marvel.  One of my favorite places is Jetty Park/Cape Canaveral, Fla. I like to call it our family’s second home.



Theophilus H.

Theophilus H.I love people. I have a degree in Air Traffic Control Science and a BA in Social and Behavior Science from IU. I am an Air Force veteran (air traffic controller) and loved traveling the country and the world to meet new people. My hobby is studying the history of African Americans in the American West. It’s not a separate discipline, just an expansion of U.S. History. I love long road trips (a leisurely 5,000 mile trip is not unusual for me). Look for Theo the next time you’re in the library if you have a good idea for a new road trip, interesting Af Am Western history trivia to share, or want to know some really neat places to visit out West.





Tonya M.

Tonya M.It’s a good thing I am a faithful IU basketball fan as I have 2 degrees from there. I have had a lifelong love of movies and music. My dream job would be to become a movie critic (getting paid to watch movies makes me all kinds of giddy) Since that isn’t going to happen any time soon, getting to select movies and music for the adult and children’s collections fills the void quite nicely. When I am not going to the movies or listening to music, I love to crochet and knit which I am proud to say that I learned at a library program.







Trisha Shively

Trisha ShivelyI grew up in Oldenburg, a small town in Southern Indiana that did not have a public library. I got my first public library card when I started working for a public library when I was in college. Since then, I have truly learned to appreciate the value that public libraries have in their communities. One of my favorite parts of my job is planning programs such as Howard County Reads and Summer Reading Club. I am married and have a son who is in the United States Marine Corps and a daughter who is in high school. I love to cook and use it as a form of stress relief. If I weren't a librarian, I would want to either own a restaurant or catering business. 





Aaron Smith

My name is Aaron Smith and I am the Head of Circulation and Facilities at the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library. I enjoy helping patrons get the most out of their library. I am an alumnus of IU-Bloomington and IU-Kokomo. I enjoy visiting the many eclectic restaurants and Cafés in Kokomo. In my spare time I enjoy economics, current events, studying history, and reading science fiction and fantasy novels. I live in a modest home with my family, a bossy Shi-Tzu dog named Lizette and an emotionally-needy Maltese dog named Anton.



Circulation Dept Staff

Welcome to KHCPL Main from the Circulation staff.


The Circulation desk is located in the middle of the first floor, therefore, we serve as your first stop for information upon entering the library from Union St or the parking lot entrance.


We always enjoy seeing our long established friends, and meeting new friends, and helping them to discover the library and the many dynamic services it provides


Our staff will be happy to assist you with creating a new library card and checking out materials, making copies or faxing.


As the audio-visual section, Movies, Music and More is located next to the Circulation desk, we will be happy to help you find the book on CD or new release DVD that you are seeking.

Collection Management Dept Staff

We are the Collection Management Department! Don’t worry, that name simply means that we manage the collection of books and other library items…we have nothing to do with collecting your late fines! Every item you check out at the library had its start in our department. We select which items to order, then we receive and pay for the items when they come in. We catalog every item into our library system and online database. We then make sure they are labeled with barcodes, call numbers, and other identifying stickers so that they can later be easily organized, shelved correctly, and located by our patrons. After one last check to make sure everything is correct, they are sorted and distributed to the correct library location so that they can be available for you to check out! A fun fact about us: our department houses some of KHCPL’s most experienced employees. Combined, we have given 234 years of service to our library! 





Dawn V.

I grew up in the country with few neighbors, two older siblings whom I annoyed,  and four channels on the TV, so reading became a favorite pastime early in life to entertain myself when it was too crummy or dark to be outside. I have worked at KHCPL for more than half my life (I’m not THAT old!) and thoroughly enjoy selecting fiction and nonfiction materials for the adult collection. Personally, I love a good story or mystery with quirky characters, anything by David Baldacci or Michael Connelly, biographies, and historical nonfiction, particularly Civil War or WWIIeras. You can find me in the Annex reading tons of book reviews or creating weeding lists, but occasionally, I put on my old Reference hat and fill in at the desk in the Adult & Teen Department (Main) or at the South Branch.


I also love watching football at every level, especially college (Go Irish!) and my favorite family vacations are spent lounging on the beach in Florida…with a good book, of course!

Deb A.

I have been a children’s librarian over half my life, and LOVE my job selecting materials for kids.  (I do, however, admit to hating my alarm clock.)  I also love my coworkers here at KHCPL, as they are especially patient with me when I am overcome by the sudden urge to read Elephant and Piggie stories aloud. You can usually find me in the Annex behind the Main library, but you never know when I might be wandering around at Main, South or Russiaville, or assisting the bookmobile staff as they mediate 3rd grade conflicts about One Direction books.  I also truly enjoy recommending the latest amazing juvenile book I have read, and I always believe it to be better than any adult book.  I believe that life is one grand story, and am passionate about always having too many books to read.



Eddie C.

Hello! I graduated from IU Kokomo with my undergraduate degree in Arts and Humanities and from Indiana University Indianapolis with my Master of Library Science degree. I am the cataloging librarian here at KHCPL. I record and describe the library’s materials to help create our catalog, Encore, so that everyone can find the materials they want. I also teach library public services for the LTA program at Ivy Tech Community College. Prior to coming to KHCPL, I was a reference librarian at the IU Kokomo Library. I also worked in a bakery part-time for eight years. MmmmMmmm! Doughnuts! 




Tammy Keith

I started working here as a part time job—over 30 years ago. Needless to say, this is a great place to work! I get to be around books and materials, help patrons, and work with the great staff here. It doesn’t get any better than this—really! My favorite parts of my job are talking with my coworkers and coming up with ideas to do things better, and working on stats to better allocate materials and funds to best serve our patrons. I enjoy listening to audiobooks in my car, and I have been known to bring the CD into the house when I’m not ready to stop listening. I tend to get obsessive about it sometimes. I have a great family and we love being together, often at sporting events. Football is our passion, but we love watching whatever our kids are playing.




Children's Services Dept Staff




Sung to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star


Amber, Angie, Tiffany, 

Nicole, Liv, and Emily, 

Crafting, cutting, helping you.

That is what we love to do.

Reading, singing, dancing too.

CSD is here for you!







Custodial Staff



James C.




Janis R.




John P.




Larry M.


I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wis. I spent time in the Marine Corps, which was the highlight of my life. I am married and have three children: Kelli, Becki, and Jason. My wife, Barbara, and I are both retired and making the best of it. I enjoy fishing, golfing, and experimenting with meals for the family.



Michelle K.

Michelle K.I was born and raised in our growing and glowing City of Firsts and take much pride in my responsibilities to offer a clean and safe environment for patrons and staff of KHCPL! I often say to my three children, “Be yourself, because there is no one else like you.” I believe the Kokomo Howard County Public Library is much like a museum, a place that offers numerous resources right at your fingertips whether it be for entertainment, work, social or a place to curl up in a quiet place and enjoy your favorite book! I am the custodian that knows patrons by name and will greet each one in passing with an enthusiastic and warm smile letting each patron feel as though they are home when they are here. I brag, boast and toast to my co-workers as well as the community for making it possible to have such an outstanding, safe and very tidy local library for all to enjoy!




Stephanie P.

I was raised outside of Bunker Hill and moved to Kokomo when I got married three years ago. I’ve been working for the library for almost 5 years and have enjoyed my time here. I never thought that an avid reader such as myself would have the honor to work for the library! I am most seen at the Annex, but sub at KHCPL South and KHCPL Main often. I am always willing to lend a helping hand to my coworkers and patrons alike! I am currently working toward my bachelor’s in nursing at IU Kokomo, and there is never a dull moment between studying nursing books and the books I find the time to read from the library! When I have the spare time, I also enjoy jogging/biking, going on mission trips, watching football, and being with my family.



Sue L.

Sue L.I grew up outside of Kansas City Kansas. In my early 20’s I returned to Kokomo, where I was born, and have been here since that time. I love people and love being helpful. I take cleanliness, clutter  and germ removal very seriously and treat the Library facilities like they are my own. You might catch me frowning in bad weather when rain, mud, slush, snow and salt get tracked into the buildings, but as soon as I see you, a bright smile will break across my face. After all, you are the reason I strive to keep the facilities clean, safe and inviting. If you see me, give me a wave and a smile; it will make my day brighter.





Amy Russell

I began my library career at the Kokomo Public Library as the Bookmobile Librarian in 1977. I worked as a Corporate Librarian for many years but then returned home to KHCPL as the Assistant Digital Archivist, and in 2013 accepted the position of Head of Genealogy and Local History Department. I enjoy working on family genealogy, gardening, and making baskets in my spare time. I am active in the local chapter of DAR and am willing to help others who have an interest.




Janice B.

I began my career here at KHCPL as a volunteer in the Local History Room in 1986. I enjoy my job and find it exciting to help patrons find their ancestors. I am related to former U. S. President Dwight Eisenhower, and I recently went to the Eisenhower Library in Kansas to do research on my Eisenhower ancestors. While there, I found a picture of my grandfather at age 3 months and also a picture of one of my great-grandparents in their collection.





Melanie V.

Melanie V.When my children were elementary age, my husband and I homeschooled them. I used to tell them that being smart didn’t mean you knew the answers to everything, it just meant you were good at knowing where to find the answers. Libraries are a great place to find answers, so we spent a lot of time in both public and academic libraries. I started volunteering at the library and eventually decided to pursue a career helping others find answers in the Reference Department.  In 2013, I accepted the position of Digital Archivist in the Genealogy and Local History Department. Many times people preface their questions to me with “this is a dumb question, but…” and I smile inside because they’ve just shown how incredibly smart they are by asking at the library! 




Ron T.

I taught high school Latin for many years which led to teaching Medical Terminology at the college level. My interests now lie in helping people break through their Genealogy Brick Walls and find their ancestry. I began researching family genealogy and history in 1960. At present, I have over 200,000 individuals in my own personal database with some dating back into the 1400s and earlier. 




Lisa Fipps

(Read to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music)
Writing and reading and laughing and joking.
Traveling and shopping and playing with my pug.
Spending some time with my family and friends.
These are a few of my favorite things.
(You can stop singing now.)
I am a Ball State University grad with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism with Academic Honors in Writing. In my past life, I was a journalist for 19 years and won 23 awards. I love my job in Marketing, but my dream job is writing YA and middle novels full-time in a cabin in Bar Harbor, Maine, in the warm months and in a beach cottage somewhere where it’s warm in the winter. (Oh, and I’ve been to Salzburg, Austria, where The Sound of Music was filmed. Sorry I got that song stuck in your head.)


Shakti Scircle

Hello, chick-a-dees! My name is Shakti and graphic design is what I do. While I was born on the East Coast, Kokomo has been home for most of my memory. Outside of work, I spend large chunks of my time blogging, pretending I know how to sew, and mentoring teens at my church. I also have a great love for my husband, avocados, and hand-lettering. 






Doug Workinger

Doug WorkingerI’ve worked at the library for 20 years, but even before that I worked with books. Every job I’ve ever had I got to work with books in one way or another. My first job was at Waldenbooks when I was 17 years old and I didn’t know it then, but it started me down a path I’ve been fortunate to wander. I read whenever I get the chance, especially comic books and graphic novels, but those times are fewer and fewer now that my partner and I are helping care for our niece, who is just learning to crawl, which gives me very little time to read.


One of the things I do for the library is select for the graphic novel collections. I always love to hear suggestions and talk about anything comics, so feel free to email me if you want to see something in our library that we don’t have. 



Joy R.

I am originally from Tipton County and had never seen a bookmobile until I started working at KHCPL over 13 years ago.  I am married, have an 18-year-old son and a 22-year-old daughter who is married and lives in New Jersey to a wonderful man who is in the U.S. Air Force. I have two miniature schnauzers, four grandcats, one granddragon, and one grandhamster.







Kim J.

Kim J.I have lived in Howard County all of my life, I am married and have a daughter, a son, son-in-law and a future daughter-in-law. I enjoy antique tractor shows and traveling around Indiana and seeing all of the odd and amazing things our state has to offer.







Pam H.

Pam H.I have been a resident of Kokomo all of my life. I was born at St Joseph Hospital in 1961. I am divorced and I have two sons ages 21 and 25, I also have two Grandchildren. My granddaughter is 8 and my grandson will be two in May 2013.








Rhonda B-A

I enjoy the feel of a book in my hand, smelling the print as I read, looking online for new items, placing holds and eagerly waiting for my email saying they are here! So working at the library is a wonderful experience. My job takes me out to schools, assistant living communities, daycares and neighborhoods giving me a chance to meet new people and build friendships with them. My growing family is my main focus. I enjoy reading (of course), listening to audio books on my drive to work, sewing for my family, gardening with my sister and spending time with wonderful is good.



Robin R.

Robin R.I love to tell stories, much to the displeasure of my four grandchildren and daughter who are the inspiration of most of my stories. Teaching children at church each Sunday is a great outlet for storytelling and crafts which I also love. But I also enjoy hearing good stories, so my job as senior service coordinator is a perfect fit. The homebound patrons that I work with fill me with their life stories that amuse and inspire me. I am often told I should write a book with all of my stories and theirs. This may just be a kind way of asking me to put them on paper instead my continual talking. However, someday I may just do that. I would love to have time to sit in my flower garden, write a book and fill it with some of my photographs which are in my computer longing to be seen. 




DeEtta Chezem

DeEtta Chezem

I work at Russiaville Branch Library. I like to travel and spend time with family and friends. Thrillers and mysteries are my favorite books.

Julie Carter

I enjoy working at the library and helping  patrons find books they enjoy.   I also enjoy helping kids learn to read at Western Primary School.  In my spare time,  I enjoy spending time with my family. 

KHCPL Russiaville Staff

We are the team that keeps KHCPL Russiaville up and running. Between the four of us, we have read every genre, so don’t be shy about asking for a book recommendation. We can’t wait to help you discover your new favorite book.

Connie T.

I am originally from Logansport and now live in Kokomo with my husband. We have two adult children, a son and a daughter who both live nearby. I am also the proud grandmother of a grandson and I look forward to spending a lot of time with him. When I am not with my beautiful grandson, I enjoy reading and taking walks in the warm weather. I mostly read fiction and mysteries, but you can often find me with my nose stuck in a cookbook. I love checking out the new cookbooks and trying different recipes. I will try anything, but really like making a variety of soups. I enjoy taking weekend trips with my husband to Michigan with Frankenmuth and Mackinaw being my favorite stops. Sometime in the future I plan on taking a trip to Hawaii with my family. 



Courtney K.

I was born in Kokomo, Indiana. I’ve also lived in Muncie, Ind., Texas and Germany. My favorite food is pasta, favorite color is green and my favorite stories are fairy tales. When I’m not reading, I am blogging, planning homeschool lessons, swimming and playing video games. Being a children’s librarian is the best job because you get to sing, dance, play, and make a mess almost every day!




Kaitlynne M. Watanabe

I was born and raised right here in Kokomo. I fell in love with reading when I was 4, but I’ve been coming into the South Branch even longer than that. First as a patron, then as a page, and now as a circulation clerk. If you are looking for a good YA book to read, then come and talk to me! I have loads of recommendations I can give you. I graduated from Ivy Tech with my degree in Office Administration, but I think I’m going to go back to school to get my degree in Library Science. When I’m not at work (or sitting with my nose in a book) you can usually find me writing stories of my own, fangirling over Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time, or listening to music (preferably Adam Lambert or Keith Urban).

Lori Hugley

I grew up in Tipton Co. and have lived in Indiana most of my life (a short stay in Bowling Green, Virginia and Norwalk, California). I received my BS in Criminal Justice from Ball State and my Masters in Library Science from IUPUI. I am married with two children and one wonderful Vizsla named Gypsy. I love to travel and have a great group of friends that share my passion. I am also a huge Colts fan and have had season tickets since 2001. I never imagined working at the library, but once I started I just couldn’t leave! I have been with the library for 20+ years! 




Lori W.

Hi, I’m Lori, the South Branch Circulation Manager. I was born in Germany and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Besides spending time with my family, my favorite activities are reading, card making and visiting the state parks. I graduated from Ohio State, so I’m always on the lookout for Buckeye fans. Stop by the South Branch and ask me for the German Word for the Day.






Melissa W.

I loved to read as a kid, but it was in middle school when I finally found something that really interested me. I read the Song of the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce and was hooked. I read the book so many times, my middle school librarian had to tape it back together for me. Perhaps that was a sign of things to come. After receiving my Bachelors in English my mother saw an article about librarians in the newspaper. Soon I was off to Indianapolis to get my Masters in Library Science. It might have been that memory of the middle school librarian, but during my classes I discovered I wanted to work in Teen Services. I have worked at KHCPL since I graduated in 2003. I love reading teen books and helping teen patrons find books to suit their individual tastes. I have served on the Young Hoosier Book Award Committee, and continue to serve on Indiana’s Eliot Rosewater Committee. In my spare time I read, blog about books, and experiment in the kitchen.





I’m born and bred in Michigan (even though I’ve lived in Greentown most of my life). Go Spartans! Working at a library was always my dream job, and now I have it, which is awesome. In the future, I want to do missionary work and learn new languages like Italian, French, and Portuguese. I also love reading creepy books until 2 a.m., singing until my throat burns, and Spiderman, who is the best superhero. Andrew Garfield plays him best. (If you don’t agree, we probably should avoid that topic of conversation.) I would love to be able to sit and write dystopian/fantasy/thriller YA books while I listen to overrated pop and obscure alternative music, but I find that I lack the motivation. So I just read instead. 





Saudia C. Thomas

I am from a small town called Ambia, IN and now live here in Kokomo with my husband. I am a proud owner of an English bulldog and beagle mix (He is just the cutest dog you’ve ever seen…of course that is just my opinion.) I love exploring new places and enjoying the great outdoors. I never once thought that I would ever get to work in a library, so working here is a new experience for me. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at the library and I always look forward to seeing the new releases. Every now and then you’ll catch me behind the desk reading a book or movie description and adding them to my list of things to read/watch.

Susan B.


I’m excited to be working as a clerk at the library, where I can hang out with kindred spirits who love books! My favorite books are the new picture books because I’ve been a preschool teacher for the past 16 years! I also enjoy audio books so that I can multi-task while listening to a great book. I’m especially fond of the Play-Aways! When I’m not at the library or teaching preschool, I enjoy teaching card-marking classes using rubber stamps and other paper crafting products. One of my favorite rubber stamps says, “Make each day a story worth telling.” I’ve lived in Kokomo for 25 years, but grew up in Michigan, as did my husband, and we enjoy vacationing there and visiting family. 




Trina E.


I have always wanted to work at a library. I have a love of books and a peaceful environment. I even made my own book box in my neighborhood to encourage others to "leave a book or take a book". In my free time I create random pieces of art, ride my bike, and compete in OCR. Aroo!